How to choose the ideal size for a male chastity device?

A male chastity device is a device widely used in sexual practices. Choosing the appropriate size of a male chastity device is a crucial step for anyone considering its use. This decision is of paramount importance to ensure the comfort, safety and efficiency of the device. In this article, you will learn the steps to follow to find the ideal size.

Measure the size correctly

The initial step in selecting the perfect size for Lock-and-Key Male Restraints is to accurately measure your anatomy. This step, often neglected, is nevertheless fundamental to guarantee the comfort, safety and efficiency of the device. To begin with, make sure that you measure your erect penis, as this is the state in which you will be using the device. Bring a flexible tape measure, which is the most appropriate tool for this task. 
First, measure the length of your penis, starting from the base to the tip of the glans. Next, measure the circumference of your penis at its base, where you will wear the device’s cockring ring. These measurements will provide you with accurate data to choose the appropriate size of the base ring. This ring must be adjusted to your size, neither too tight nor too loose, to avoid any discomfort or blood circulation problem.

Consider the type of device

When opting for a male chastity device, consider the type of device that best suits your needs. Male chastity devices are available in a variety of models, each with its own features and benefits. A common type of chastity device is the plastic or metal cage. These cages usually cover the erect penis, limiting the ability to achieve a full erection. They are secured using a base ring around the base of the penis. Plastic cages are lightweight and discreet, while metal cages offer added safety.  
Another option is the chastity harness, which consists of a set of straps and belts. These hold the penis in place, preventing any erection. These harnesses can be more comfortable for some people and offer a wider variety of settings. Finally, there are complete chastity devices that include both a cage and a basic ring. These devices are designed to provide maximum security and are often used in BDSM practices.

Choose the right ring size

Choosing the right ring size in a male chastity device is a critical step in ensuring the comfort and efficiency of the device. The base ring, also known as cockring, is the key element that holds the device in place and prevents unauthorized escape. Improper pruning leads to problems with comfort, blood circulation and safety. To select the ideal size, the first step is to accurately measure your circumference at the base of your erect penis. Use a flexible tape measure to get an accurate measurement.  
The ring must be adjusted sufficiently to hold the device in place. But it should not be so tight that it causes discomfort or restriction of blood circulation. A ring that is too tight causes pain and injury. On the other hand, a ring that is too loose may allow the device to slip or detach, thus cancelling its lens. Once you have measured your circumference, refer to the size guides provided by the manufacturer of the chastity device. The manufacturer’s specific recommendations should be consulted, as they differ based on the make and model of the product.